AlphaBoomers: 35 million people, spending $2 trillion a year

Baby boomers. Remember them? They were the most coveted of marketing target audiences for a couple of decades. Then along came Generation Y--now 18-34 and ready to spend.

But let's not forget AlphaBoomers--the 55-to-65 demographic that's at the older end of the boomer age spectrum. They're still making money, and still spending money.

NBC Universal says. "Every seven seconds someone turns 55 and once they do, they are eliminated from the highest end Nielsen demo measurement: 25-54."  NBCU's president of research and media development says AlphaBoomers are "...the fastest-growing demo group in the country and now numbers 35 million people that account for close to $2 trillion in annual spending."

Allen Wurtzel, president of research and media development at NBCU says NBC research commissed a survey of people in the 55-64 demo which counters common perceptions that they make less of an income and spend less on advertised products; are technophobic and brand loyal, and therefore, cannot be motivated to switch brands.

“Our goal is to raise a discussion among CMOs at the various companies and to get Nielsen to begin offering ratings data for the 55-64 demo,” Wurtzel said. “They have the data. It’s just a matter of creating the software and adding staff to distribute it.”

Source: Mediaweek

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