Apple PoS system coming to Gap-owned Old Navy stores: good for consumers, good for retailers

Part of the amazing customer service experience at Apple Stores is the use of a point-of-sale (PoS) system which eliminates most of the hassle of "checkout" seen at most retailers.

An iPod-based POS system enables the swiping of charge cards, with signatures being obtained using either a stylus or a finger. Receipts can be printed wirelessly on a small, hip-holstered portable device or at a traditional printer.

And now, Gap-owned Old Navy stores are piloting a similar system, powered by Apple.

If all goes well, and the idea (and Apple software and hardware) spread to other retailers, the concept of standing in line to checkout may be a thing of the distant past. As the Los Angles Times puts it "Anything that allows people to avoid lines at the cash register is a plus for consumers and a plus for retailers."

Check out Daily Finance for more.

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