Baber’s Top Five Fav’s of 2012.

  1. The Book: The Fifty Year Sword

Only 1,000 copies were initially published in the Netherlands in 2005. I’d wanted to get my hands on a copy for so long but they remained expensive and elusive on Ebay and Amazon. Pantheon books published the book in a wide release in October of 2012 and Danielewski was touring the country doing readings of the novella in it’s entirety. Call it my nerdgasm of the year. The book is structured like a children's ghost story, but written for a mature audience and is an hour long read or so at best. Illustrated with ornate stitching, we fall into an evening in which a seamstress finds herself under the watch of five orphans and a menacing story teller who speaks of a sword with immense power. If you haven't heard of Danielewski yet, don't worry, check out my profile on his other works here.

2) The Movie: Cloud Atlas

I love movies. I grew up in the suburbs of the Bay Area and though it was what I thought was diverse and multi cultured, there was nothing quite like film to show me people, situations, and experiences I’d yet to find or see in my own life. Cloud Atlas is an ode to the soul, to art, and to film making. It tickled my creative pickle and if you were skeptical at all about Tom Tykwer and the Wachowski’s newest visual feast for us, fear not. Complex and definitely worth more than just one viewing, the film reaches out to the questions of how our actions impact our many lives. More than worth the 3 hour run time, and I thank everyone involved in the film for making such a moving piece of work.

3) The Company: MoviePass

Netflix set the stage for a viable subscription based business model that has won the publics attention thus far. MoviePass follows suit but instead of online content to be enjoyed in the comforts of your own home, why not pay a flat fee for access to the movie theater whenever you want it? Check out more on MoviePass here, they're awesome.

4) The Product: Herschel Supply Co. Backpack

No, not a messenger bag or a briefcase, a backpack. JanSport take note, this bag is beautifully simple on the outside while just as organizationally simple on the inside. Laptop storage, space for my sun glasses, gloves and beanie, headphones, chap stick, nasal spray, water bottle, books, wine, a blanket...hey I’m not a hoarder, just a city dweller and a man well prepared.

5) The Video Game: Super Mario Bros. 3

Yeah thats right, not Mass Effect whatever. Not Halo whatever. The original Nintendo Entertainment System. Recently rescued from the evil clutches of my closets depths, I’ve taken time to immerse myself in an 8-bit world of childhood glory. Be jealous.

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