Be A Baller and Trim Them Privates.

Some blame the porn industry. Others blame metrosexuals or gay trend-setters, and others blame Gillette. But whoever is responsible for the trend, the reality is that a growing majority of men are trimming and shaving around their cock, balls and ass—or for those who prefer the more cocktail party term “their privates.”

We recently conducted a survey among 141 men. Along with showering daily (92%), shaving weekly (60%), and getting their hair cut every 4-6 weeks (57%). Twenty percent (20%) say they trim or shave their chest, 6% shave their legs or underarms and 3% their backs or arms. But it is the 73% of men that say they shave or trim their privates that demonstrates the unstoppable trend of the last decade or so.

Yep, whether you trim, shave or wax—we know you’re down there doing something.

Only a few years ago guys would been teased out of the locker room for trimming the hedge and doing a below-the-belt cleanup. Body hair was “manly”—a sign of virility and heightened testosterone levels. My Dad used to tell me to eat my vegetables because it would “grow hair on my chest.”

But today, guy-grooming habits seem to require a trim and a shave of your precious manliness—and sexual partners are demanding it. As a friend of mine put it “it makes it more appetizing to her, and easier to get to.” I know, I know, something else to be judged for in the bedroom—sorry guys.

But let’s face it. Women have been trimming and shaving for decades—it only makes sense that guys would eventually come around to it.

Some men lightly trim (so it’s less bushy) while others will go completely bare—down there. It's a matter of style, fearlessness and skin sensitivity that separates the trimmers from the shavers. A small (but growing number of guys) are turning to professional estheticians who will wax you from your trunk all the way to your bum or as a friend crudely refers to it as the stick, the sack, and the crack.

For those of you among the minority who still go “native” down there—I say reach for those scissors and give it a careful whack. It will make you look better (more appetizing as my friend says) and feel better about yourself. Just keep a steady hand, and keep telling yourself that if you’re planning on getting laid any time soon, it is probably worth a snip her and a snip there.

In other words, be a baller, and trim them privates.

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