Blurb pops-up in New York and London. Online publishing meets real-world community

Last month, something unique popped up in New York City.

A company who's business is run online, who helps customers publish offline (traditional) books, opened a pop-up store in the heart of SOHO.

Blurb Pop-Up/NYC was not just another bookstore. It was a creative space that featured daily events as well as a place to showcase the different kinds of projects that are possible with Blurb.

It was an ingenious use of a retail space as a promotional environment for an online business.

The shop was situated in the heart of the design and creative hub of the city--at 60 Mercer Street. It was the perfect intersection for the design, fashion and photography community to gather and discover Blurb, and its capabilities to create, publish, share and sell professional-quality books.

The Blurb Pop-Up/NYC housed a series of workshops, speaker sessions and special events in partnership with some of New York City’s leading creative minds.

“People get so inspired when they see Blurb books in person – most can’t believe they can make a book of this quality, so quickly and easily, and for as little as the cost of a pizza,” said Eileen Gittins, Blurb’s founder and CEO. “For a company that does business exclusively online, this is a huge deal for us; we get to meet our customers in a real space, not just virtually. There’s something really lovely about that symmetry – physical books and real people. For an online company, who knew?”

After the SOHO shop closed at the end of last month's limited run, they hopped the pond and popped up in London to showcase again how online publishing and real world community can mix. Where will Blurb pop-up next?

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