Catching Up With What Jack Knows

A few weeks ago we introduced you to Jack Reid. Jack is a natural at giving love, sex, and relationship advice. His weekly column is for both women and men. It’s for women who want to know how guys think and feel, and for guys who want advice on how to treat their love, sex, and relationship partners. He’ll touch on taboo topics of all sorts, and speak frankly and directly to the issues that affect all of us. If you haven't been reading his column, or if you missed one or two of his pearls of wisdom, here is a catch-up of the articles he's penned so far.

Introducing a Love Doctor by Another Name

I’m not a psychologist, anthropologist or sociologist (although I studied all three at college). I’m not a matchmaker or yenta. I’m just a guy who innately knows what guys and girls want from each other, and am pretty good at helping them achieve their goals.

The Power of Vulnerability

I am weak. I am powerless. I’m asking to be hurt. If I open up, I’ll get stomped on. These are the messages we often hear when we think of being vulnerable. But the reality is, there is tremendous power when we open up to others, and show our true colors. 

When the Romance is Over

The passive “non-response” break-up that is intended just to make it fade away personally frustrates me. Frankly, I get a little crazy trying to figure out whether her lack of immediate text response is because she no longer wants to date, or it is because she’s in the middle of a business meeting. I’d prefer “the talk.”—in-person and face-to-face—“I’m just not that into you.” To know when the relationship is over. 

I Kissed a Girl and I Liked it

We’ve all seen this scene a hundred times—in movies, television, and on stage. Two people in an impossible situation fight their desire for one another…until, in one magical second, they give into their exigency and steal a romantic, passionate, long-delayed-but-much-anticipated kiss.

Sometimes the stolen kiss is laced with regret; sometimes it opens a new door to love; sometimes it is rebuffed. It is an oft-used scene in the arts. But what about in reality?


10 Potentially Deadly Conflicts in any Relationship

Here are 10 potentially deadly conflicts of couples in any relationship. Don’t let any of these be the unraveling of an otherwise healthy coupling. Pick your battles, and know when to see “yes honey, if it matters that much to you, I’d be happy to…”

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