Chief Listening Officer

Imagine the hundreds of thousands of online brand mentions companies like Kodak and Dell receive every month via Twitter, Facebook, on blogs, etc.

Who's paying attention?

The Chief Listening Officer, that's who.

"Our chief listener is critical to making sure the right people in the organization are aware of what the conversations on the web are saying about us, so that relevant people in the business can connect with customers," said Richard Binhammer, communications executive at Dell. Mr. Binhammer points out that "Dell has been listening for four years and created a position called 'Listening Czar' two years ago. We are a leader in the listening space."

Part market researcher--these individuals track and analyze tons of data--sorting through the relevant and the meaningless. Relevant commentary about features and product requests get sent to product development teams, complaints and gripes get sent to customer service.

It is nice to know someone's listening.

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