Coachella 2013 Line-Up Finally Announced.

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The official, and slightly procrastinated, release of 2013’s lineup at Coachella is just shy of extraordinary. But in lieu of an analytical approach to the few off-centered headliners, minus the Red Hot Chili Peppers whom I deem worthy of a high-point font, the philosophy of understanding that “comparison is the thief of joy” must be heard above the long-listed rumors of this year’s lineup that included classic idols such as The Rolling Stones (although The Stone Roses headline the first night of Coachella) and Daft Punk. Coachella’s past historical lineups that came highlighted as newsworthy with the clash of the resurrected Tupac and technology may prove reason to 2013’s subtly downplayed series of artists for this Spring to avoid the mainstream spotlight. However, Coachella does provide an altogether decent cast for this year’s festival. Perhaps it was the high expectations and hopes for it to out-do 2012’s ground-shaking lineup that encouraged the slight disappointed, but the best of Southern California music festivals keeps its title with an upcoming stream of well-respected musicians for this year’s Coachella. 

Image Courtesy: Paul Matthews / Shutterstock

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