is the First Non-Profit Project to Fund Ethically Driven Projects with a New Vision of Sex.

Sex. Pornography. Prostitution. These are typically taboo topics of discussion in society. Still, “Sex” is the top word searched on the Internet, and billions of dollars are generated online from sex-related services and products. 

An organization called is a disrupting project about sex, pornography and people’s sexual rights. It is also the first non-profit project to fund ethically-driven projects. The organization is bringing focus to the fact that sexual rights are still threatened in many parts of the world, with gender inequalities, sexual stereotypes, prejudices and stigma depriving people of the possibility of flourishing in such a fundamental dimension of their life experience. Come4 is attempting to promote a more critical, self-aware, and ethical vision of people sexuality and sexual rights. Their goal is to invest an equvallent of the 1% of the total revenues of online erotic and porn sites to fund initiatives aimed at reducing sexual right inequalities.

The mechanism behind Come4 is simple, but controversial. After becoming a user, people can purchase and download high-quality sexually explicit contents, ranging from amateur movies to more sophisticated erotic footages, written stories and audio file. Alternatively, each user may upload a new content, indicating its selling price. All contents are linked to the cause that Come4 is supporting at that time, and any time they are purchased they automatically generate revenues to support it.

An explicit 90-second short film, "The Lover," introduces Come4's first charitable initiative—helping to fund the Asta Philpot Foundation, which is committed to raising public awareness about the sexual rights of disabled people. Philpot, an American living in Britain, advocates the right to an active sexual life for people with disabilities, even if it means paying for sex. The film is a bit NSFW, so please use your own discretion when viewing.  

THE LOVER from on Vimeo.

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