Confessions from a Wing Girl #47: Breaking out of the friend zone.

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I just turned 25 and I’m not unattractive by any means, and I’d like to say I’m damn charming and funny, and I know I’m smart. The thing is, I always seem to get ‘friend zoned’ by girls really quickly. I’ve only slept with one girl before and that’s my ex, but now that I’m single and looking I can’t seem to find a girl interested in me. What’s the deal?

- James in San Francisco


When you are start looking for girls that are interested in you, you typically fall flat on your face because how are they going to be interested in you without actually knowing you? From your email I am hearing that a lot of attempted pleasing may be going on. Meaning you’re attempting to be someone for these women that you’re not in order to make them like you. Not good and will never work to create attraction.

Here’s what I suggest you do from now on. Instead of trying to be interesting to women based on what you think they want, be interesting to you based on what you want.  Once you start being you and not worrying about what she wants, women actually become way more attracted to you.

Remember, the only one putting you in the friend zone is YOU.

- Marni

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