Confessions from a Wing Girl #48: My Girlfriend Doesn’t Like the attention I get.

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I recently moved in with a bunch of good guy friends and we have a lot of people over occasionally so I meet new people. I’ve been running regularly, which is new to me, and feeling pretty good about myself and how I look. I’ve been noticing that girls have been acting differently towards me and seem to be more interested and attracted to me... but that doesn’t make my girlfriend very happy. I have no intention of leaving her and all this running and taking care of myself is because of her. How do I let her know I’m not interested in other girls but that I do enjoy the attention?

-A Dude Among Bros

Hey dude!

This is a tough situation. Not for you but for your girlfriend because she has to learn how to self sooth herself, a task many women do not like to complete.

I think it is great that you are working on yourself, getting fit and that your confidence is boosting as a result of it. You deserve this attention and you should celebrate. More so, you should be proud of yourself for doing work that most people don’t do. Your girlfriend should be proud as well.

I would sit down with your girlfriend and just tell her about how she has motivated you to be healthy and that without her pushing this change in you would have never happened. You don’t need to bring up the new found attention you are receiving because there really is no need.

What you do need to do is just let your girlfriend know how much you care about her and how she was a helpful motivator to make this happen for you. You can only do so much to help her realize that you aren’t going anywhere, it’s up to her to learn to deal with her jealousy.

- Marni

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