Confessions from a Wing Girl #49: Making Waves Between The Ladies.

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I went on a trip to Hawaii recently with a girl I’ve been casually talking to but nothing serious has happened between us and I think we’re just feeling each other out to see if we’re interested. Now, while there I met her friends and I really hit it off with one of them, let’s call her Amy. She was incredibly gorgeous and I could tell there was chemistry between us that hadn’t sparked between me and the friend who had asked me along on the trip. As the trip came to and end Amy gave me a prolonged hug and asked me to ‘find her on Facebook’. Is it ok for me to cross the friend boundary and contact her or do you think it will it make waves between the ladies?

-Alex in Santa Barbara

Hey Alex,

It could, but waves between ladies is never a bad thing ;-)  Doesn’t seem like there is anything serious going on between you and the other girl. If there was, then you wouldn’t be asking me this question.

To be honest, if you do reach out to this girl in Hawaii it may trigger something in the other girl to speed up her “feeling out” process. 

So YES, contact the new girl and see what happens. The only thing I advise against is getting yourself into a pen pal situation. The other option is step it up with the old girl and make your intentions known. The only way that situation is going to materialize into something more is if you make it happen.


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