Confessions from a Wing Girl #50: Show Her You Are a Man She Wants.

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Hey Marni,

I’ve known this girl ‘Ally’ for a handful of years now and we have a close group of friends. I’ve grown to really like her a lot and told her about these feelings but she said she didn’t want to ruin our friendship. Typical. But I’ve watched her date other guys that were ‘our friends’ and systematically ruin those relationships. She speaks to me in a very close manner and I get the feeling she knows how she makes me feel. I still kind of have hope that one day she’ll realize I’m awesome and we’ll be together but I also have a feeling I’m missing out on other girls because all I think about is Ally. What do I do?



Of course she knows how she makes you feel!!! You told her??!!!! Ha. This girl is never going to magically see you in a different light. You have to make her see you that way by acting a new way. My guess is that right now, when you are around her you are in “I’m the best boyfriend mode” which means you are attentive, loving, giving a good listener. All great things to be once you have the girl and she is your girlfriend. But when you are trying to get the girl, showing her how good a boyfriend you will be will never get you to be her boyfriend. In fact, it will keep you in the friend zone forever! So stop acting like the “I’m the best boyfriend ever” guy and start acting like you. State your opinions, challenge her, lead and show her you are a man she wants.

Sitting around waiting for her to see you as boyfriend potential is a thankless waiting game. If you want something to happen with this girl then make it happen.


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