Confessions from a Wing Girl #51: What to do When She "Tests" Your Interest in the Relationship.

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I started dating a girl I met in a wedding party back in October. We kept it informal because I was in a different city doing my MBA and didn't have the time to really focus on a relationship. We broke things off in February because it seemed like we were moving backwards. Anyways I'm back in the same city again and 2 weeks back she invited me out to a salsa club and we got talking towards the end of the night and decided to give it another try. The last two weeks have been pretty good but the other day she mentions that one of the guys she danced with that night at the salsa club won't stop texting her. My first reaction was "you gave out your # the same night we decided to give it another shot?" And secondly "the solution to this is pretty simple you stop answering" but why was she responding after our chat in the first place and why mention it to me if its irrelevant?

Anyways its been bugging me ever since and I don't know if I should bring it up and ask why she told me or just let it go. It also makes me question what she was up to while we were apart. I know she was technically single but she represents herself as a good girl that doesn't mess around with new people. I'm curious to know your thoughts. Sorry about the length of the email. I don't normally consider myself the jealous type but I feel like this girl makes me feel a lot more insecure then I'm used to.



Hey Brad,

Sounds like she's trying to gauge where your at in a typical female way.  Subtly!! It can be quite frustrating for a man. BUT if you know this and understand it you can kind of laugh at it or feel happy about. 

She's insecure and wants to know "what's up". 

So, tell her.  Tell her that you guys are having fun and figuring things out and you want to take it slowly.  Well tell her that if you that's what you want.  But tell her something. You can even say "I'm really happy that we are seeing each other again. I like you".  

Just give her that little tid bit that gets her to calm down and feel good about what you guys are doing. 


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