Confessions from a Wing Girl #53: Needy Attracts Clingy.

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This may sound crazy, but hear me out. I don’t like women. Yep, I said it. Now, this doesn’t mean I’m gay or anything, I’m really sexually attracted to women. But I’m not a big fan of the way most women I date behave in a relationship. The women I date tend to get “clingy” and need me to praise them all the time. Plus, they’re just not into the things I’m into—gadgets, games, technology and outdoorsy sports. They always try to change me, and get me to do the things I want to do. What’s wrong with them, or me?




This is certainly my most interesting question and I love it.

Well for starters, I would start dating women who are more confident.  If you tend to attract clingers, I would start to evaluate the women you are attracted to and approaching. Since the common theme is you, there must be some characteristic these women have that attracts you that may also say “I’m needy”.  It may be that instead of picking the women you want, you take the women that come to you. This tactic is definitely easier but not a good one if you want a quality woman.

Second is the woman not being into “your stuff”.  If you find a woman who is passionate about EVERYTHING you are passionate about then you have hit the jackpot. Lock her down and marry that girl. But most often this doesn’t happen. I think it’s great if you can find 1 passion that you guys share as a couple, for example being outdoorsy and the rest can be your own private passions that you can teach her about or just hold for yourself. 

As for a woman trying to change you that’s a whole novel on it’s own so I won’t even start to answer how to handle this here. BUT I will say that communication and a deep understanding of one another is the key to a lasting relationship where both parties don’t feel the need to change the other.


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