Confessions from a Wing Girl #54: But I Don't Want to Be "Just Friends"

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I have had a crush on this girl since I don’t know when. When we first met we went out on a couple of dates, but quickly moved to being friends rather than being romantic. Over time we’ve been very close. She enjoys being physical with me—hugs, kisses, even cuddling when we watch a movie, but she insists she only likes me as a friend. But it is becoming harder and harder to hide my feelings from her. I know if I tell her I’m still romantically interested, she might reject me again, and it might ruin our friendship. What should I do?




TELL HER YOU’RE INTERESTED IN HER!!  Ha.  I know it’s pretty scary to lay it all out there but if you don’t you’re going to be stuck in blue balls zone forever and we don’t want that do we?  

Listen, the truth is that you aren’t really friends with this girl.  Most friends don’t want to DO one another.  And most friends don’t keep things from one another. Right now you are her faux boyfriend who is just filling until the real one comes along. You get all the responsibility without any of the perks and you want the perks!

So I say either:

  1. Tell her you’ve been seeing her in a different light lately and may want to experiment with taking your “friendship” to another level. You’re not sure what will happen from it but you definitely want to find out. 
  2. You change your behavior so that you’re not available to cuddle and play with her hair or be her shoulder to cry on.  Start putting up boundaries and display the behavior of a man who is pursuing a woman not a man who is waiting to be picked by a woman.

Either of these options will help elevate the stress and frustration you feel over the situation. 

If she says YES let’s try it, you could have an awesome new girlfriend. If she says NO then you know and you can move on and open yourself up to another woman. 

But you gotta do something because every day you don’t do or say something is another day your wasting.

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