Confessions from a Wing Girl #55: Flirting vs. Playing Games

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Have you ever done a newsletter on signals women may give when they seem to be flirting but actually aren't, ie they're just playing games with the guy?  For example, trying to make the guy jealous by talking about how hot another guy is...sometimes that's actual flirting, sometimes that's just fucking with a guy's head.  

It seems like a lot of men out there simply don't know when this is happening.  It leaves them devastated when they learn they've been dicked around by an emotionally unhealthy woman who *seems* to be attracted but is really just using him for an ego boost.

What are your thoughts on compiling a list similar to the one you just did, but they're actually warning signs you're being used by a woman who is "fake" flirting?


Well there are a lot of times when a woman flirts with you and she IS attracted, but still doesn't want anything post flirting.  To be honest, I do this sometimes and it's not in a malicious way, it's in a "I'm having fun flirting with you" way. For women, flirting doesn't necessarily equal "I'm going to sleep with you" or "I want something more".  

These signs are hard to spot but things I would look out for are:

  1. Mention of a boyfriend 
  2. Easily distracted by others and looking around
  3. No obligation to you. Meaning, she'll go to the bathroom and then get distracted by others.  You're not at the front of her mind but she'll still enjoy you if you come up to her. 
  4. Talking about other guys.  As you had said before, this could be a tough one because she's trying to make you jealous but listen to HOW she talks about these guys. Does she just slip it in out of the blue. Or is she very comfortable talking about it and it just comes out naturally as if she's not even thinking about what she's saying to you. 


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