Confessions from a Wing Girl #57: How Do I Meet Her Without Being Rude?

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Hey Marni,

I usually don't have too much trouble approaching a woman who is by herself, or a woman who is in a group but not actively talking to anyone. But I hesitate to approach a woman who is already engaged in a conversation with either a girl or guy. I am afraid I'll be perceived as rude for interrupting their conversation. Problem is, at most social settings people are already talking to others at least 60-80% of the time. So how do I approach someone without being seen as rude, interrupting a conversation, etc. Is it all just in my head? 

Any tips?


I think that these thoughts of being rude are just your insecurities popping up.   

Let me ask you this:

  1. Are you a rude person? Most likely you'll answer no, so stop worrying about others perceiving you as rude because you are already know you're not. 
  2. Do you have something to contribute to a conversation whether it's with someone you know or a stranger? If you answer YES, then you will never bother anyone because you will be adding to their lives. If they don't appreciate what you add then that's there loss. 
  3. Do you have value? If you're answer is YES you should be approaching EVERYONE you see that peaks their interest whether they are alone or talking to 10 people. 

Hopefully you get the point that I trying to make is that the only way to get what you want is by asking for it. So don't let your belief about what people MIGHT think psych you out.  Go after what you want and let them tell you what they think!


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