Confessions from a Wing Girl #56: What Causes You to Fall in Love?

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Hello Marni!

I have 2 questions for you. 

  1. What would you say caused you to fall in love with men in your past and present? Is it having things in common, humour etc? and what actual things made you realise you were in love?
  2. Could you please give examples of the way you and your partner have 'challenged' each other?


Great questions! Below are my responses to each question:
  1. In love is very different from attraction.  Attraction involves banter, fun, playfulness, curiosity, confidence, leadership.  Falling in love comes when two people challenge one another, support one another and care for one another. Partnership.  Once I felt the guy I was seeing was a partner, I would fall in love
  2. Because we don't suck up to one another. We are both stubborn, highly opinionated people. Which means we clash at times and butt heads.  We also have different ways of seeing the world.  
The nice thing about us as a couple is that we've learned to appreciate this about one anther and more importantly respect it.  So we challenge one another by simply stating what we think without thinking the other person has to think the same way. 


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