Confessions from a Wing Girl #58: What makes a woman feel 'the spark' for a guy?

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HI Marni -

Thanks for all your work & materials; I'm just beginning to go through them & have found them very insightful so far.

One Qs from me - What makes a woman feel 'the spark' for a guy?

I'm sure the answer varies from one person to another, but I'm sure there are some common elements - looks, confidence, character, personality?

I'm specifically asking this Qs since the last three girls that I briefly dated (3 to 5 dates with each) all used almost exactly the same words ('don't feel enough spark' or variation thereof) when letting me know that they don't want to continue dating (but would like to stay in touch as friends).



You can't really MAKE a woman feel a spark past the 3rd date. Typically by that time you know if there is chemistry or not.  

BUT to ensure you find that chemistry there are a few thing you can do to ensure maximum potential. 

  1. Be really open and ready for anything
  2. Share about you, your experiences and about your life
  3. Have fun
  4. Listen, ask questions and engage the other
  5. Go on dates that create experiences. I'm not talking about jumping out of planes but dates that show you who the other person is and put you in situations to have a deeper experience than just having a drink. 
Did you listen to the interview I did in What's Inside A Woman's Mind about how to get the second date?  The girl in that MP3 and I discuss this in great detail. I would take a listen
Spark and connection is not something that you can force but it's something that you can keep from happening if you don't do the above. 


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