Confessions from a Wing Girl #59: You gotta have some self respect.

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I used to date this girl named Stephanie. When I met her she said she was in the middle of a breakup with this dude Mark. But, she never really broke up with the guy. I eventually ended the relationship because clearly she was still into her ex. Last week (2 years after we broke up) I ran into her at a bar and we got real friendly. In fact, we ended up going home with each other. She told me she wanted me back, and my hopes soared. We scheduled a more proper date, but then she had to postpone because…wait for it, her old boyfriend of two years ago wanted to see her urgently. Really? Really? How could I be dumped twice for the same guy? She still wants to reschedule, and says her relationship with Mark is over, but I don’t know. What does Marni have to say?



"What does Marni have to say???"

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice….Come on Greg. You gotta have some self respect.

This girl:

  1. Lied to you about seeing another dude
  3. Sucks!!!!

I would say these are huge red flags about this that say either:

  1. “I’m really confused and messed up right now which means I’m not in the right state of  mind to date”.
  2. “I’m completely selfish and a Sociopath who has no empathy for others.”

Either way, bad call with her.  Let her figure her stuff out and then come back to you to explain, apologize and then show you it won’t happen again.

Listen, emotional instability and confusion happens to all of us. I have may moments I’m not proud of with respects to what I’ve done to others, especially guys. But hopefully I’ve owned those flaws and those behaviors. She’s gotta do that before you even consider letting her back in.


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