Confessions from a Wing Girl #60: When You Hook-up With Your Best Friend's Ex...

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In college I had a great roommate named Adam. Both junior and senior year he dated this awesome girl Kerry. After college Adam and Kerry went their separate ways. Adam left for Boston, and Kerry headed out West to L.A. I too ended up in L.A. Kerry and I have been hanging out a lot in L.A. and well, we ended up hooking up the other night. I have nasty regret about sleeping with my roommates ex-girlfriend, but it was kinda great. What should I do? Stop seeing her because of the whole Adam thing, even though they’re no longer together, or just say “the hell with it” and start up with Kerry?




Well it depends. Is this going to be a REAL thing or just a hook up? If it’s just a hook up, then get your sex from somewhere else. Not worth it unless you know for a fact your friend will be totally cool with it.

BUT if you think there is actually something there, then I would talk to your friend tell him what’s going on. 

It feels really crappy to be left in the dark and to feel like your good friend is sneaking around on you. 


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