Confessions from a Wing Girl #61: Lost in it just the sex?

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I am really attracted to this girl I met online. Her name is Rachel, and she’d from Brazil. She is awesome gorgeous and really cool. The problem is we don’t really communicate a lot. I mean, we have these big long gaps in our communication—just complete silence for minutes on end. It drives me a little crazy, because I’m not sure if we don’t have a lot to talk about, or because of the language differences she speaks English but not fluently, and I only know “El Pollo Loco Spanish.” How can I tell whether it's the language thing, or that its we actually that we don’t have that much to say to each other. BTW, did I mention the sex is great?

--Lost in Translation


Dear Lost in Translation,

So I’m confused.  How long have you been sleeping with each other? AND what do you like about her that makes her really cool? Is it possibly her naked body on top of you ;-) 

Listen, it sounds like you are having great sex with a sexy lady but you want more. Am I right? So then, I would get out of the bedroom and try going on an actual date and TALKING to see what’s there.

If nothing is there then enjoy the awesome sex!


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