Confessions from a Wing Girl #62: Will I Look Weak or Compliant?

This week, our resident Wing Girl Marni gets asked a universal question by Simon--does a man look weak or compliant by holding a girlfriend's drink, purse, phone, etc. for her? Does it relinquish a man's power, or masculinity? See what Marni has to say:

This question may qualify for dumb question of the month!  

It is "inspired" by something I heard years ago from Mystery in which he refused, when asked by a group of girls, to take a camera from one of them and take a picture of the group of girlfriends.

I was out with a friend in a nightclub and he introduced me to a female friend of his.  At some point in the evening she asked me to hold her drink for her while she and another female friend went to the restroom.  Was this in some way a "shit test"? Was this a good sign of trust?  Did I look weak or compliant? What should I have done?  I did hold the drink for her until she returned but I did feel slightly awkward (thanks to Mystery!).

Thank you in advance for the time taken to reply to this.

Kind regards



When a woman asks you to do something like that you can hold onto your masculinity by making a joking comment so that she's aware you're still a man and someone of value. 

If you just say "sure" and then take the drink and stay in that spot till she returns you have no impact on her. 

But you can say "It's $20 an hour so hurry back" or "I'll hold it for now but if some girl starts flirting with me I'm throwing this fruity cocktail away".

Something like that. 


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