Confessions from a Wing Girl #63: Are Pet Names the Sign of a Clingy Girl?

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I met this awesome girl online. We hit it off, and we text each other all of the time. I’m learning a lot about her, and we’re sharing some intimate stuff. But there are a couple of problems. 1). We haven’t yet met, so I don’t know if there will be live “chemistry” there, and 2). She’s already started to call me pet names—like Babe, and Sweety. I like names of endearment, but it seems a bit early for that. I’m afraid she might be a clingy girl. What do you think?




Here is my general rule for dating online. The sooner you can get the hell OFFLINE the better! 

I know the reason you are keeping online is because it feels safer. You have little invested and your feelings/ego are protected.  But to be honest, all you really have is a really great pen pal.   

As you said above, what if you meet in person and there is no chemistry and all of this build up is ruined.  Well it's going to ruin itself by remaining online and not jumping into the real world.  Pull off the band aid and initiate a real live date to see if there is something there.  

In regards to the nicknames, I feel the same way as you. They're a red flag. BUT some people are much more comfortable with giving out names and it's an auto reflex for them. So I wouldn't write her off just yet as a clingy girl. Wait till you meet her and then you can make an assessment. 


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