Confessions from a Wing Girl #65: Having Trouble Dissecting a Text Message From a Girl?

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I'm having trouble dissecting a text conversation with a girl.  I feel like she still giving me a chance to pursue. Am I reading this wrong, your thoughts?

Me: You still leaving on Thursday?

Her: Yeah I do

Me: Fit me in your schedule so I can take you out before you leave.

Her: haha I get off work at nine tonight?

Me: Lets meet up at Kilroys, we can meet up there after you get off work

Her: I'm sorry, I should be upfront before we do that. I have been dating the same guy for over a year now so I don't want to lead you on any further than you might be.

Me: It's Okay, thanks for being honest

Her: I couldn't lie to you. If you still want to I'm cool with it and if you don't I completely understand.

Thanks, J.


Maybe I'm seeing a very different text message trail than you are BUT to me it seems pretty cut and dry.  In fact, I've never seen a woman be so overtly clear with her intentions.  She DOES NOT want to pursue anything remotely romantic with you and was very clear on the fact that she has a boyfriend. She even stated she doesn't want to lead you on.  

However, what she is saying to you is that she's open to being friends with you but understands if you don't want to be friends.  

Cut and Dry! 


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