Confessions from a Wing Girl #67: How to Get Out of the Friend Zone

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Hi again,

This is a bit of an odd question but why is it so hard to get out of the 'friend zone' but yet ironically so many great relationships have blossomed out of 2 people being friends for a while..  They seemed to be the strongest relationships.  Or can you just not compare the two situations?


Hey there,

Because the "friend zone" isn't really the friend zone from my POV. People who are actual friends have a big success rate of turning that friendship into a relationship.  By real friends I mean, acting like your real self in front of a girl. E.G. calling her out, teasing her, speaking your mind.  Overall being the you that you would be around your closest buddies. 

What this "friend zone" really is that guys find themselves stuck in, is the "I'm the best boyfriend ever, pick me, notice me zone".  Instead of acting like their true selves, they work really hard to show this woman they want what a great boyfriend they would be. How they listen. How they are available. How they will never challenge what she says because she's soooo right etc….   

These are guys that are hiding their intentions waiting for this woman to turn around and say "OMG. There you are. I want you right now" but that will never happen because their actions are not triggering her attraction buttons. 

My advice is to avoid putting women on pedestals and being fearful that if you say the wrong thing you may lose her forever. Say anything you really want to say and most likely she'll want you more. 


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