Confessions from a Wing Girl #69: When should a girl make the first move?

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 I generally like when a woman makes the first move (in regard to anything). But when then don't, how can I become more comfortable with making the first move so I don't miss out on getting to know a potentially great woman?




 In general, women do NOT make the first move.  Women still want to feel super feminine and being the aggressor is not a very feminine role.  So what we do instead is we give subtle cues to a man that say "i'm open and ready. Bring it on".  

 Here are a list of things women do to show you their interested:

 1. Play and flip their hair

 2. Long blinks so that their eyes are highlighted and it catches your attention

 3. Lick their lips

 4. Lean in close

 5. Slight touch you. Over touching is an indicator that she sees you as a friend

 6. Stands in your vicinity

 7. Keeps looking at you and smiling

 8. Over exaggerates her actions

 9. Validates herself to you through her words

 10. Softens her voice so it sounds more feminine

 These are all clear signs that she'd like you to progress (approach, kiss, ask for a date). I know trying to spot these signs of determine whether or not you have a clear green light to proceed can be a headache so I'll give 1 key sign to look for. The one in your head that says "I want to approach/kiss/ask for her number".  That is the only sign you need to progress.  

 Take this rule as a takeaway. It's called the round up rule.  If there is a 10% chance that she'll say yes to your advances then round up to 100% and go!!!


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