Confessions from a Wing Girl #70: How to Say No to a Woman

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 I have the hardest time telling women "no." Even when I have absolutely no desire to date them, have lunch with them, or even talk with them, I find that I always say "ok." How can I save myself from unwanted situations?


 Dear Jake,

 By just saying NO!!! It's so funny because we had this exact discussion on my podcast the other day (The Ask Women Podcast). The guy asking the question was a super nice guy but he had this habit of saying yes to women and then dodging them to avoid having to follow through on what he had agreed to. 

 Here's what we told him: "MAN UP."  Do you know what this behavior is doing to women and doing to you???  

 To women it's messing with their heads, creating confusion and insecurities and worst of all perpetuating this stereotype that men are dogs.  They are going to take all of this into the next situation they have with another man. Which screws that man and screws the women. No good. 

 To you, it makes you look like a jerk, a coward and dog and I know that is not what you are.  You just want to avoid making a woman sad or unhappy while she's in front of you cause it causes it discomfort.  

 My advice is to handle those tiny moments of discomfort and MAN UP.  Tell her the truth. It may hurt her for a moment but at least it won't spiral into worse repercussions. You can say "I'm going to have to say no to your offer. I think you are great but I don't want to lead you on."


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