Confessions from a Wing Girl #72: Why Does My Buddy Always Get The Girls?

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A Question From Jeffers:


A buddy of mine seems to always get the girls. In fact, recently, he’s been in two three-ways with some really hot women. I see these women flirt with him at the bar, and ignore me. I don’t get it. He’s geeky, a redhead, and from my point of view no where near as good looking as I. What’s the deal? Why is he getting all the action, and I’m getting nothing? What am I doing wrong?


Marni's Response:

What the deal is that your friend knows he is, owns it and states his intentions. He knows about to flirt, banter and put it all out there and isn’t afraid to get rejected.  That’s hot, super sexy and what makes women fight for men.

Do you have the same attitude?

Contrary to popular belief, looks are not nearly as important to women as they are to men.  Being “only good looking” is simply that to a woman. Only good looking. What does good looks provide her with? A pretty face to look at but what else, nothing.  Women want more than just good looks. They want confidence, leadership, self assurance, comfort, safety and security. 


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