Confessions from a Wing Girl #74: How Many Girls is too Many?

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A Question From Conner:

Hi Marni -

 Do you recommend only talking to a certain number of girls (some sort of limit) at the same time with online dating?

 I was pretty busy for the past month studying for LSATs, working etc., that I basically shut my profile down.  But in the past two weeks I did update my profile and got some new pictures and have had a decent response.  A couple girls who seem interesting and one or two are pretty cute also.

 It is totally not my style to be interested in multiple girls at once, granted this is just emailing and setting up initial isn't like anything serious has developed.  But where it is so hard to tell whether something is going to materialize or not, it seems worth it to keep conversations going.

 Is it just a question of how much I can remember/keep straight?



Marni's Response:

 I say date away!!!! If you can manage it, do it.  That's what online dating is for. To show you your options, explore them and see what comes from it. 

 As long as you don't tell 10 women that you are in love with them and want to marry them you're all good ;-)


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