Confessions from a Wing Girl #75: What to do With a Testy Relationship

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A Question From Dave:

Hi Marni 

What do i do if a woman tests me with her tests? how do i react? What do you do if a woman don't leave you alone at work for example? Thank you.


Marni's Response:


Well first let's hear some examples of what you think are tests. Not sure if you've heard me talk about this before but I don't believe women "test" men for sport.  Women are inquisitive and they ask questions so that they can get a gauge on the man that is in front of them.  It's their way of protecting themselves.  They "test" out of discomfort and insecurity and fear. 

 The best way to handle "tests" is to laugh to yourself when you think one is coming your way and remain unrattled/unemotional.  Answer her questions calmly and honestly and you will do wonderful in her eyes. 


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