Confessions From A Wing Girl: Dating Advice from The Archives.

Our intrepid dating Wing Girl Marni is taking a week off. So, we’re taking advantage of the situation by heading to the archives and pulling out five of our favorite “Confessions from a Wing Girl.” 

#4 She Brought Her Ex on a Date?

Max went on a date with girl. It was their second date and she brought along her ex.  What does this mean? Is she into Max? See what Marni has to say… 

#18: When to Flirt Back at Work

Kurt work at a café. Every Tuesday a woman comes in for breakfast—steel cut oatmeal and a latte. He finds her very attractive, and he get the sense that she’s flirting with him each morning. What should he do? Marni gives us her two cents on when to flirt back at work.

#44: She’s Trying to Be Upfront with You.

Peter met a beautiful woman and talked a bit with her letting her know his intention of taking her out on a date. A day later while texting she said she's not ready for a relationship. The date is still on…but how should Peter react?

#15 How Can I Tell What a Woman’s Eye Contact is Signaling?

Michael stopped by the grocery store on his way home from work and made eye contact with a girl who quickly turned away? When women make eye contact for half a second and then look away, does that mean she's not interested? Or maybe she's shy? Or maybe she's creeped out? What is it? Marni knows…

#30 Am I Putting Out a Gay Vibe?

Ari likes girls, but keeps getting hit-on by dudes. He’s one of those sensitive straight guys. He’s comfortable with his sexuality but doesn’t want girls heading straight directly to the “friend zone” mistaking him for being more interested in guys than girls. What’s a dude to do?

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