Confessions From a Wing Girl: Myth: Italian Men Are Masters With Women.

Our resident Wing Girl Marni Kinrys is taking some time off to explore the world and can’t help but dish out some great advice and observations while she’s out and about. This week she talks about the suave and seductive, or not really suave at all, men of Italy.

Not sure if you knew this or not but for the past 10 days I was in Europe. First the amazing Paris, then breathtaking Florence. I was there for a little R&R as well as some coaching.

I have to say that on this trip I had one huge myth crushed for me. The myth that Italian men are masters with women. Turns out, they are not! They too make the same mistakes that soooo many men make in the US, Canada, UK etc…

To paint a picture, I’ll tell you a story about this one situation I witnessed where this one guy made the same mistake that I know you make when approaching women.

So I was out for dinner and went to go sit outside with my girlfriend when two VERY cute girls walked up to check out the menu.

As these girls are checking out the menu, three cute Italian guys walk by. One of them sees the girls and signals to his friends that he’s spotted hot girls and is going to approach. I was so excited to actually witness a real live approach from an Italian man.

So the guy walks up and stands right beside the two girls and then…


The bonehead just stands there waiting for the girls to turn around and initiate conversation with them. I was like “this is how Italian men approach women and start talking to them???”.

I got uncomfortable watching this, the girls are uncomfortable and the guy is super uncomfortable as he just stands there for literally 30 seconds waiting.

Finally I bud in, trying to be his Wing Girl and start telling them how great the food is and they should definitely go inside and ask the guy if he’s been here before thinking the guy would jump on board with what I said. BUT NOTHING!!!

The girls thanked me, looked at the guy who still said nothing, looked back at me with a confused look on their face and then walked inside.

I looked over at his friends, shrugged my shoulders and smiled. They of course laughed and then gave their friend a hard time as he walked back to them.

That guy was crushed and I felt horrible for him. Good thing his friends were there to help him laugh it off. I literally was about to go over to him and start coaching him but I remembered that I was on vacation and I let it go.

Image Courtesy: Luna Vandoorne // Shutterstock

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