Crystals, Vortices, and Vampires. Oh My!

Guest Author Brock Daves is a photographer, Visual Artist, Electronic Musician, Metaphysical Thrill Seeker, and feels bacon should be it's own condiment. 

If you’ve ever been to the American Southwest, you’ve probably marveled at the massive geological structures, succulent plants, and miles upon miles of untouched wilderness. Growing up, I never ever wanted to go there. I was very turned off by the idea of barren landscapes and dry heat, but now as an adult it has become one of my favorite places to travel. Why is that? I’m really not sure. Maybe it’s the dry air that lets my tar filled lungs actually breathe, or maybe it’s the lack of noise that civilization brings, either way I’m into it. 

A few months ago I was working for a start up when I reached my threshold for bullshit. I was done answering technical support calls for those in middle America still using dial up and Netscape wondering why their shit didn’t work (I want to scream just thinking about this). So I picked up my new Canon 5d ii and jumped in the coche (that’s spanish for car) and headed for Sedona, AZ. Why Sedona? Sedona is a beautiful landscape with large geological formations that the locals will refer to as vortices (singular: vortex) They call the mesas vortices because the high iron content in the soil creates a spiral of magnetic subtle energy that flows upward from the surface of the earth.

As a landscape photographer the mesas (vortices) are subject matter that I undoubtedly wanted to capture. Sedona has also been known for numerous UFO sightings as well as frequented black military helicopters. Add to that recently I’ve been caught up in this so called world of metaphysics, I find it absolutely fascinating.

The mysteries of the universe and what is beyond what we currently understand as to how the natural world works has captivated me since I was a child. Now, before you science buffs scoff at me for even entertaining this so called nonsense, let me explain that I try to look at the world of metaphysics as objectively as I possibly can. I also explore the world of quantum physics as it seems to validate some of these strange phenomenon. I do not accept any of this as fact but have been strongly persuaded by what I have found through my research. That being said, Sedona is an epicenter for the spiritual and metaphysical. It’s a city chock full of crystal shops, Southwestern art, New Age healing, and apparently vampires. That’s right folks upon talking to one of the locals he claimed to be seeing vampires around town.

Given that I have never before encountered vampires, I was very curious as to how one identifies vampires. The gentleman explained to me that said vampire’s K-9 teeth would enlarge after starring for a brief period. Now these vampires apparently do not feed off the blood of the living and sleep in coffins or large castles sitting atop the mesas of Arizona but instead are psychically able to feed off the victim’s energy causing great fatigue and anxiety. 

Given this gentleman was a friend of a couple of my friends that I had met on my previous trip to Sedona, our conversation lead to the four of us hanging out in a small camper parked outside of one of the organic grocers in town and pondering the mysteries of the universe. It also lead to an invitation to join in on a group “channeling”, where an older woman would channel information from “higher beings” that would help guide us in our incarnation in the “physical realm. I was down, so we met later that night at the woman’s house. Upon arriving, it was the exact setting you would have expected it to be, with abolone shells, crystals, Tibetan decor, white sage, and dreamcatchers scattered throughout her home. The actual channeling was kind of a blur as I was unsure as to what was actually the channeling part and what was just conversation. Apparently every word said up to the last 30 minutes was information from beyond. Now when it comes to receiving spiritual guidance of any kind, it’s less important as to what the message is as to what you take out of it. While some of it may sound strange, if you approach it with an open mind there will be some lesson that you can take from the experience. Given that I really had no idea what was going on, I kind of missed out on what I was supposed to take out of it, but I can tell you that I’ve had similar experiences with Native American shamans, astrologers and tarot readers and can tell you that they were quite helpful in my personal development..... or not, we’ll see. Anyways to conclude the experience our channeler was apparently a champion apothecary and “inoculated” us with one of her fragrances. She had us put the mix of essential oils on our hand and cup it over our nose while inhaling slowly.

The next part I wasn’t really prepared for as I was unaware that inhaling essential oil could put me on another planet but sure enough that mix of lavender (and whatever else I can’t recall) put me in La La land. 

All-in-all the experience one can have in Sedona can be quite rewarding if one approaches it with an open mind. We live in a pretty interesting world. Whether or not you’re seeing vampires, taking selfies or subjecting the world to the exact details of your day on Facebook it would seem that we’re all a little crazy in our own way. In a world where most of us indulge in judging the things we don’t understand, we can all benefit from exposing our self to what lies beyond our comfort zone. Years ago, I wouldn’t be caught dead doing any of these things, and honestly some of it I can’t really get behind but I have yet to find any of these experiences anything less than enlightening.

So get out there folks, see the world, see a shaman, see a vampire (like for real, not the teen angst walking the streets of Washington state), buy a crystal, go to the desert and get a vibe bro.

Chapel of the Holy Cross by Brock Daves

Bell Rock by Brock Daves

Court House Rock by Brock Daves

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