Do Creative People Age Differently?

Funny, I don’t feel old. I’ve never been one to pay attention to my biological age. Sure, others remind me, and there is that pesky birthday that comes along each year pushing me farther and farther down life’s path; but I don’t necessarily feel different as another June 9th comes and goes each year. 

Many of my closest friends are 15+ years my senior, or 20+ years my junior, but they all seem pretty similar to me. I’m not younger, or older than they are, I’m just me, and they’re just, my friends.

I don’t treat my younger or older friends differently just because of their age—that would make me an ageist. They are my friends because of our shared interests and world-view. Yes, we have different life experiences—but that exists despite the differences in our ages.

The other morning I was speaking to a friend about my plans to buy a new house. He startled me when he said, “I’m done buying single family houses. The next home I live in will be a condo with no yard, a doorman, and an elevator.” He was talking about growing old in his final house. I was talking about my next big real estate adventure. He was headed towards retirement, and I was living life. And, we’re only five years apart in age.

Then it dawned on me. There is something about those who lean on their right-brains—we creative types, that don’t think sequentially about life. That’s why so many creative people are blinded by age. We don’t see a step-by-step process towards retirement; we see an unstructured creative life driven by intuition, passion, and endless options. Sure we are tempered by the realities of life, but that’s our left-brain talking.

During most of our day we don’t feel our age because age is not apart of our manner of thinking. It’s why you see older artists with far younger spouses; artists, architects and musicians working into their 90's; and why my friends range in age from 20 to 70. For the creative mind it is too logical, too structured, and to orderly and detail-oriented to think that with each passing June 9th I must act differently because I’ve turned a year older.

So yes, creative people do age differently, and it is why I don’t feel like I’ve aged a day, on any day of the year.

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