Do you REALLY need to have an opinion on EVERYTHING?

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I think we’re all expecting a little too much nowadays. Everyday, I look at the topics that people complain about. It’s crazy. I mean, surely by now you’ve seen Louis C.K.’s “everything is amazing and nobody’s happy,” rant somewhere on the internet– and if you haven’t, you need to Google that shit right now.

Look me in the eyes and tell me that people don’t have ridiculous expectations. Open up Twitter on the day a new Apple product launches, and be amazed at how many people are pissed that it still doesn’t connect to their ass via bluetooth and make their farts smell like roses.

There is this general disconnect between people that, I feel, grows every day. Maybe it’s the Internet that’s causing it. No, it probably is the internet that causes it. Now that we’re constantly broadcasting our opinions to the masses, we feel as though we have to critique everything that we come into contact with. It’s not nearly as interesting to say you’re completely satisfied with something. It’s much better to gripe about something, because that makes people pay attention. Right?

This statement may be a little harsh, but trying to stay topical or relevant does not make you any cooler. You are not a hipper person because you decided to hate on the same thing that everyone else is hating on, you’re the same sheep you were before you decided to make that remark.

You want my advice? Be yourself. Why is that so god damn hard for people to understand?

You live in an amazing time, full of amazing products that do 5 times as much as any computer that was released 10 years ago. You have access to the largest wealth of information on the planet. Period. You can communicate with someone across the globe just as quickly as you could with someone who lives in the same house as you. Your life is amazing, yet you still demand more.

Next time, just try being amazed. You might find that you are let down less.

Oh, and by the way. Yes. This is an opinion.

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