Does the Suit Make The Man? On Dating Site OKCupid it Does.

The folks at bespoke New York menswear company Arden Reed wanted to prove that dressing well can make all the difference when it comes to dating.

They set up 10 fake OKCupid profiles and set out on a four-month fact-finding trip to see how significant the “well-dressed advantage” really was. Would potential dates be more attracted to men who wore tailored suits vs. more ill-fitting ones? For most guys it might seem like a trivial difference. But Arden Reed had a thesis that said sex-appeal can be tied to how well your suit fits.

The fake profiles (posted in five cities across the globe) featured the same models photographed in two different suits, one tailored to their own measurements and the other in a slightly oversized off-the-rack suit.  The profiles all used the same profile content word for word, with similar usernames. 

Here are the results:

Across the world fitted suits received more attention than their baggy counterparts with no exceptions. They were 2.3 times more likely to get checked out, 4 times as likely to be “chosen” and given “hot status” twice as frequently.  (Hot Status is an OKCupid term which significantly increases the number of attractive profiles you can view; it’s automated via an algorithm.) When combining all the positive metrics the fitted suits blew us out of the water with 292% of the marks scored when compared to off-the-rack.

“Men have no idea how much being well dressed has an effect on how they’re perceived,” said Carlos Solorio, Co-Founder of Arden Reed. “That’s why we built Arden Reed, so that men can present their best selves as effortlessly as possible.”

It seems their thesis was correct. Attraction can be found in “The Perfect Fit.”

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