Five Confessions From a Wing Girl.

Our resident Wing Girl Marni Kinrys dishes out the advice you wish someone had told you sooner. Younger girls women, female cock blocks, acting a fool, and the infamous friend zone all get some attention in this weeks round up of Five Confessions. Check it out.

Can I Date Women Much Younger Than Me?

A 43 year old gentleman is having trouble with the newfound realization that a woman he met out and about is far younger than she appears to be, and just a tad older than his daughter. What’s Marni have to say about all this?

How Do I Handle Female Cock Blocks?

Marni pinpoints 5 key factors of female cock blocks. 

Do I Stay In The Friend Zone and Wait?

“I don’t want to ruin our friendship.” We’ve all heard that before. Tough it out and try again later? Or bite the bullet and just be friends?

When Does Nice Become Too Nice?

Should you ever have to prove yourself to a girl you met online? It my mind, no, but what does Marni suggest for a young man hell bent on pleasing women to no end?

Why Do Women Respond To Me When I Act Like a Jerk?

Rob isn’t a dick, but gets more attention from chicks when he acts like one. Do girls really like bad boys, or just a playful, assertive and challenging guy?

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