Five Favorite Confessions from a Wing Girl

Our resident Wing Girl Marni Kinrys dishes out the advice you wish someone had told you sooner.  She’s worked with 100's of thousands of men all over the world to help them understand women so they can attract, date, seduce and get any woman they want without being a jerk. Her method, The Wing Girl Method, is based on the key principle of "You gotta turn yourself on first before any woman will ever be attracted to you".

If you’ve missed any of Marni’s recent advice, here’s a round-up of five of our favorite “Confessions.”

Show Her You Are a Man She Wants.

Phillip has known this girl ‘Ally’ for a handful of years. He has a crush on her, but he doesn’t want to ruin their friendship by letting her know. What should Phillip do? Marni knows.

Why Do Women Respond To Me When I Act Like a Jerk?

Rob isn’t a dick, but gets more attention from chicks when he acts like one. Do girls really like bad boys, or just a playful, assertive and challenging guy? Marni gives him some good words of advice.

My Girlfriend Doesn’t Like the attention I get.

We all love attention. But what happens when your girlfriend doesn’t like it when other’s pay too much attention to you? Marni helps a dude out.

Breaking out of the friend zone.

James just turned 25 and says “I’m not unattractive by any means, and I’d like to say I’m damn charming and funny, and I know I’m smart.” The thing is, he always seems to get ‘friend zoned’ by girls really quickly. Marni gives him some straight-up advice on what he may be doing wrong.

Flirting vs. Playing Games

A reader thinks a lot of men simply don't know the difference between flirting, and just playing games. He says it leaves him devastated when he learns he’s been “dicked around” by an emotionally unhealthy woman who *seems* to be attracted but is really just using him for an ego boost. Marni sets him straight on the rules of flirting vs playing games.

When Does Nice Become Too Nice?

Should you ever have to prove yourself to a girl you met online? It my mind, no, but what does Marni suggest for a young man hell bent on pleasing women to no end?

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