FIVE GEST: The Guide to the Modern Man.

The role of men and women is constantly evolving. Here is a digest of five of our favorite articles that are a bit guy-centric and give focus to the behaviors, attitudes and phobias of today's modern men. Whichever your gender, there's insight, inspiration and entertainment to be had with the FIVE GEST: The Guide to the Modern Man: 

1). Five Traits of the Modern Man

The Modern Man pays attention to how he dresses, grooms, and behaves in a very different way than a generation ago.  Men share grooming tips, and compliment each other on how they look. Women, for their part, seem to be embracing the more sensitive, groomed, and open and honest men in their lives. As a friend of Editor David Allen Ibsen says, “Modern Men have far less for us to fix.”

2). Real Men Can’t Grow Beards

Editor Nick Baber ponders the social stigmas and amount of emphasis placed around male masculinity in our culture and how the amount of hair one grows (and where it goes) can have overwhelming and undue pressure on a lot of men and their perceived manliness.

3). Men and Their Skivvies. Have you Taken a Look at Your Underwear Lately?

David Allen Ibsen takes a look at your underwear…and how it can affect your mood, your comfort and how you are perceived by others. We examine boxers, briefs, and boxer-briefs, up close and personal.

4). Guys and Cats: Felines May Be an Urban Man’s Best Friend.

As the saying goes, a dog is man’s best friend. Or is it? Editor David Allen Ibsen has been observing a trend among more and more 20-something urban-dwelling guys. They’re getting cats—rather than dogs, as their pets. But cats for girls, and dogs for guys? Apparently this not the case among the post-macho, sensitive-but-masculine generation of urban guys.

5). Uncovering the Lost Art of Manliness

Take a look at what we had to say when we reviewed the online magazine “Art of Manliness” which features articles on helping men be better husbands, better fathers, and better men. While they play to a historical sense of manliness—handlebar mustaches, turn-of-the-century illustrations; the Art of Manliness is decidedly for the modern man.

And as an extra bonus,

What Kind of Guy Eats Velveeta Shells and Cheese? That Guy.

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