Five More Thôts From Rocky McGredy in 2012 - Because We Just Can’t Get Enough.

Rocky McGredy is a columnist and editor of FIVE THôT. He has a consumerist view of the world a voice that tells story in a conversational yet powerful tone. If you haven't read all of Rocky's writing, I encourage you to do so. Here are five of our favorites.

1) Are You A Trendy Whore? The Definitive Guide

Oh to be young, hip and trendy. Spending all of your possible expendable income on things like $130 Louis Vuitton shoes you found at a “thrift” store or getting sloshed at some music festival? Careful, you may be a trendy whore.

2) A Good Match? How Generation Y Views Dating Sites

In an age of instant messaging, on-demand television, and social networking, the common perception that dating sites are for random sex or for the fringes of the population that otherwise couldn’t find partnership via actual human contact have shifted. We use Facebook to stay in touch with people and connect with others we’ve recently met. The internet has actually become a very efficient means for meeting that special someone. There are entire algorithms dedicated to it.

3) Saying What’s Popular: Perpetuating Social Opinions

Social media sites continue to expand and we all continue to bare our feelings, thôts, comments and likes for our friends, enemies and advertisers of the like to see. Rocky profiles the followers of the crop. The I-totally-fit-in-but-cant-think-for-myself types.

4) What Is Art?

Art is generally a medium for which to convey or express emotion. It’s always been imperative that humans communicate for survival, but beyond that we have an invested interest in communicating the intangible experiences of life in order to find acceptance and understanding of ourselves. “Art fulfills a very primal need.” -Rocky McGredy

5) Does Creativity Thrive In An Age Of An Abundance Of Technology?

Not too long ago I was in a cab with a friend and No Doubt began to play on the radio and we got into a dispute about how old Gwen Stefani must be. Just a Google search away on our smartphones and there you have it, she’s 43 and sexy as hell. What I’m saying is we live in an age of information and a lot of it is at our fingertips, literally. With an increasing amount of the population using computers, they now have access to the same technology used by professionals. Does the abundance of technology increase the odds of someone emerging as the worlds digital Da Vinci?

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