FIVE READS: The Essential Guide for the Single Guy: “Single Effort.”

American society classifies us as either single, divorced, widowed, or partnered. The first three suggest that we are currently living life without the help of a romantic and emotional partner.

We may be single by choice, or by circumstance, but regardless of how we got here, more and more Americans are living a greater and greater part of their lives singularly. Whether choosing to get married later in life—or at all, or falling into single status due to divorce or death, there comes a time (and sometimes multiple times) when we must fend for ourselves in everything we do. 

Joe Keller found himself single after a divorce. The father of two needed to discover how to live, and love on his own. How should he create a home of his own that reflected his masculine nature, but still was welcoming to women? And, speaking of women, he had to re-learn all of the tricks and traits of dating in an increasingly digital world of online romance. How do singles go to the theater, restaurants, even vacation without feeling ostracized or taken financially advantage?

Joe tackled all the issues of learning to live single and happy. From cooking, to home decorating; from dating to dancing, Joe took notes and took to heart what it means to be single.

Then, he wrote a book.

His book “Single Effort” is a how-to manual on “How to live smarter, date better, and be awesomely happy.”

He approaches the lessons from a man’s point of view, but many of the lessons are great for both men and women. And while the book heavily emphasizes dating, and attracting a woman in your life, it does offer a fair roadmap on how to live happy even if the next “one” doesn’t come along any time soon.

After all, in reality we’re born alone, and we die alone, and the rest is just in the meantime.

You can buy Single Effort here.



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