Five Things That Will Never Happen After The World Ends

The Mayan Calendar comes to an end on Friday the 21st and I've gone ahead and compiled a list of things none of us will ever experience given that the world ends, or so says the fringes of the webosphere. Enjoy.

1) Star Wars VII will never be seen! Disney’s acquisition of LucasFilm and all things Star Wars made headlines this year, as well as exciting and angering fans of the franchise. No big news just yet on who’ll be taking up the director’s chair but given that the world ends tomorrow, we may never even see a trailer for the film. I know, my heart is breaking too Padmé.

2) Hilary Clinton’s ambitions to become the first female President will never materialize. Like ever, because you know, the world is ending and stuff. Come on now Hilary, ambition didn’t get Romney elected.

3) The world will never see Apple’s highly speculated iTV. Walter Issacson’s biography quoted Jobs as having “cracked” the television and was interested in producing an “integrated television set.” Just imagine all the time and effort that Jony Ive must’ve spent designing the rumored TV and not a single one of us will ever see such beauty.

4) Facebook will never be able to change it’s privacy policy again. And for that matter I won’t have to read about how outraged you are when you update your status to proclaim said anger.

5) And of course the TSA will never strip search your grandmother ever again. Nor will we have lasers in the near future that can detect what you had for breakfast.

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