Five Things to Add and Five Things to Remove from your Life.

We live in a world of dos and donʼts, haves and have-nots, actions and reactions. What we decide to do and decide not to is defined by how receptive we are to the world around us. If you find yourself inside of my generation, Gen Y, then itʼs in your best interest to be an active can-doer. Without the ability to try, you will find that you have no ability to do. The ability to learn is not gifted at birth, it is something that we must enable ourselves to do. The way that we do that is by speaking every sentence with the intention to be as open as possible. Here are some phrases you should remove from, and add to, your dialect to take a to ensure a productive lifestyle:


1. “Thatʼs impossible.”

- I donʼt mean to sound cliché, but nothing is impossible. There may be things that you donʼt consider in the realm of possibility for yourself, but youʼll never learn what those things are without trying first. Calling something impossible is neglecting effort. Push yourself into unmarked territory, and draw your own map. Now is the time to do so.

2. “I donʼt think Iʼd be good at that.”

- Honestly, how would you know? When you first start out in your independent life, you have the time to get really good at anything. All it takes is effort, but being motivated in any stressful situation is an amazing character trait to have. Literally, do everything you can. Ease yourself into a high functioning low stress attitude by persevering through the unknown.

3. “I donʼt have enough experience.”

- You need to have experiences to gain experience. Think about it this way, no matter how much you gain through an educational setting, a college degree is just a bullet point on a list. Having a professional attitude in all aspects of your life will cause people to see you as a reliable human being who is willing to gain experience from a project.

4. “Itʼs not worth it.”

- When you think about it, is anything really worth it? What defines worth? You are the one who does that. Over time, we gradually start to close ourselves off to new possibilities for seemingly inexplicable reasons. Do yourself a favor, and keep from prejudging things for a while. Youʼll open up your eyes to what it is you are actually interested in doing.

5.“I give up.”

- If you wanʼt something badly enough, you wont give up on it. Apply the same thinking to your actions. Leaving something unfinished will only sour your relationships and leave you feeling unfulfilled.


1. “Iʼll do my best.”

- State your excitement around an event or a project, show that you are motivated to produce a terrific product from any and all of your actions. People naturally gravitate toward confidence and ambition.

2. “We should get together sometime.”

- Create the experiences that you want to have. If you want to know somebody, put yourself out there and take a risk to develop new relationships. We are all people, and we all want to feel grounded and accepted.

3. “ I apologize. I made a mistake.”

- Sometimes we do irrational things. The worst thing to do is to not accept your failures. When you know there isnʼt justification for your actions, no good will come from trying to cover it up or justify things. There is nothing better than an honest person.

4. “ I have too much on my plate right now.”

- This may seem like a negative statement, but it will benefit you in the long run. Sometimes there are too many opportunities around, and youʼve already made several commitments. If you feel as though you canʼt handle anymore, be genuine. People will respect your position.

5. “Thank you.”

- It seems to go without saying, but say thank you. Say thank you a lot, and realize what you should be thankful of. Happiness spreads when we all acknowledge each other more for positive things.

If you try to be more open, there will be a point in time when being open becomes the norm. Iʼm not saying openness always leads to satisfaction, sometimes we will be hurt, snubbed, or made a fool of; but even with these negatives the positives are only stronger. Letʼs be honest, there is absolutely no such thing as fulfillment without disappointment, the sooner we accept that fact, the faster it is we become who we want to be. 

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