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What Makes a Person Brave?

Friend and guest author Rikki Rene Thornton explores what it means to be brave. Is it a relative term, or a much broader and definitive set of expectations? If I don’t feel brave, might one still view me as being such? Rikki shares her thôts and more.

I Fucking Hate Sports

Check out my rant about everyones favorite past time, watching sports. My apologies if this doesn’t jive well with you but, who am I kidding, I have no apologies for hating sports. Read on.

I’m a Solitary Man.

Guest author Michael Lorton takes an introspective look into what it’s like living life alone, even with millions of fish in the sea. Check out more from Michael on Blue Aspara.

Random Acts of Kindness

David Allen Ibsen presents a touching story about random acts of kindness. Neighborly car care and Trader Valentine’s make everyone happy, so stop thinking that doing something kind is a sign of weakness or servitude. 

Five Things That Are True About Living in San Francisco (And Probably Other Cities)

Columnist Rocky McGredy is enjoying City life to it’s fullest, along with all of the ridiculous parades, foul odors wafting from God knows where, and not to mention wallet draining rent. The joys of being an urbanite. 

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