Five Undiscovered Music Artists of 2012.

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Let's go ahead and get the obvious reference out of the way: if you're a fan of old-school Cure, you're going to like this band. There's also a lot here for fans of more modern pop-rock like Maroon 5. DIIV only put out their debut album last year, but they already play with the comfortable energy of a band that's been together for years.  What started out as a solo project for Zachary Smith became an actual live band after Smith recruited musicians from across the country to help him bring his songs to life. The result is spectacular.

2) Scarlett Parade

This London-based band is right on the verge of discovery, so you'd better hurry if you want to say you were a fan before they hit the big time.  Their debut EP came out in November, and although the songs cover a range of styles, it all seems to make sense as a whole. To give you an indication of how wide their stylistic repertoire reaches, they've opened for Corinne Bailey Rae, and they've also opened for Kid Rock. This band is definitely one to watch if you like indie rock but are fed up with indie bands that all sound the same.

3) nicolascage09

I have no idea what this girl's full name is, because she just goes by "nicolascage09" or "Nicki" on all her social media accounts. But it doesn't matter - it's her songwriting and her unbelievable singing voice that you need to remember. She doesn't rely on a band or any fancy production, there's only her guitar and that amazing voice.  On her Twitter account she has promised many new songs in 2013, so with any luck she'll be getting some more attention from the kinds of people who can help her career move forward.

4) Goldroom

If feel-good anthemic electropop is right up your alley, then you need to check out Goldroom. This is your standard producer-with-singer setup that is is so typical of this genre, but Josh Legg is a good producer, and has enough clout in the music industry that he's able to work with some great singers despite Goldroom still being unknown. In other words, for a undiscovered artist, Goldroom is making some staggeringly well-produced music with some amazing talent.

5) Among Savages

If Peter Barbee's talent doesn't help him find a wider audience, there's something seriously wrong this world. He's responsible for most of what Among Savages does, and if you listen to songs like "New York City," you'll understand why that's a big deal. Of course, if you're a fan of Gossip Girl, you probably already know this song, but even with the exposure on national television, it's still difficult for an artist with an indy sound like Among Savages to get traction in a radio pop world.

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