Five Views from Ex-Pat American Joshua Lorenzo Newett

FIVE THôT Columnist Joshua Lorenzo Newett is a novelist, entrepreneur, and English professor at The Korean Naval Academy in Jinhae, South Korea. His first novel, Along the Naktong, is a story about the deep disconnect the post modern individual has with the world around them. His second book, Saving Bill Murray, is due out in June 2013.

Joshua writes from his perspective as an ex-Pat living in South Korea. If you haven’t read his articles yet, here’s your chance to catch up on a few:

  1. Sophomoric Slovenliness and Other Cultural Shocks 
  2. The Pokangmacha: Korean Street Food
  3. Driven to Make My Own Bread 
  4. A View from Korea on America’s Gun Culture
  5. A Man Without a Country
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