Gay or Straight, Modern Men Are Mostly Similar

We recently polled 141 men asking them a variety of somewhat intimate questions. Have you ever had sex with multiple partners (three-ways and such)? (50% say they have) Do you shave your privates? (73% do) How often do you shower (daily), shave (weekly), and groom yourself (every 4-6 weeks)? Boxers, Briefs, or Boxer Briefs? (definitely Boxer Briefs). Do you date the opposite, or same sex?

Of the respondents, 70% identified as choosing to primarily date the opposite sex. The results gave us a snapshot to compare behaviors between guys who date women, and guys who date men. We observed that whether gay or straight, the vast majority of the data was surprisingly similar.

There were no obvious deviations between the respondents when asked if they tend to be more “rational” or “emotional,” (70% rational) or whether they liked “dogs” or “cats,” (78% prefer dogs) or even when it came to whether they shaved their privates.

In other words, few of the stereotypes we think of when it comes to those who date men or women showed up in the survey. 

Which is good, in that it suggests that men—whether interested in the same or opposite sex, do not necessarily adopt the behaviors of mass media stereotypes when it comes to how they live their lives. I’ve long held the belief that sexual orientation does not implicate masculine or feminine behavior. It only implicates to whom you are sexually attracted to.

Guys can like guys. And guys can like women. But it doesn’t necessarily change anything else about you.

We can go straight down the line of 28 of the 28 questions we asked—with no bias appearing as to whether the respondents were gay or straight. Sexual orientation had no relationship to education level, job choice or whether respondents think of themselves as lucky or smart. Not even when it came to sexual and romantic relationships did it matter (52% were in monogamous relationships) and over 65% have been in a three-way, four-way or orgy.

And get this, the number of guys who date guys that say they have had sex with women (15%) is near-similar (18%) to the percentage of guys who date women say they’ve had sex with a guy.

It seems that sex is sex, and guys will be guys.

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