Giving our kids a precious force.

Guest author and entrepreneur Valerie Grison is the Founder, CEO and Creative Director of StoraLab, a company creating exciting, engaging online and mobile experiences for kids age 7-14.

What, as parents and educators, should we aim to give our children to help them as much as we can to become happy people? 

Because, that's what we want for them, right? Happiness.

We don't care that they become beautiful, successful, mindful, gifted. Well, we might care of some of those, though we shouldn't if we were thinking only of them and not of us.

So what is the most important thing? Or what are the most important things? There is probably more than one.

Love, Love, Love - For sure -

But what comes after?

Image of a happy family? Or the reality of the family they live in?

Good education?

Care for the others?


Image of a beautiful world? Or the reality of the world?

Healthy food?

Nice place to live?

I think the most valuable thing we can give them is the ability to be happy.

Happy as a child, Happy as a young adult, Happy as a grown up.

But how on earth can we do that? We, poor parents and educators are struggling every day to try to be happy. How can we possibly give such a magical tool to our children?

The answer is easy: we can't.

Stop feeling guilty because you are not an ideal parent or educator. There is no way to be.

We all make a lot of mistakes. Some are unimportant for the future of our children, some will remain in their heads for their lifetime.

The best we can do is to do our best. Give them everything listed above. And add a critical component:

Make them understand that

They do have the capability to handle things.

They will make it ok.

It is called self-esteem or self-confidence.

Do everything in your power to make them understand that they have something precious within themselves. It might not be the same gift that their sibling, friend, neighbor, or icon.

But they do have a gift.

If they believe they have, they will find it, and it will change their life.

I am not saying that this will make them become happy for every day of their life. But this belief and trust in themselves will definitely help them to look at life with an optimistic mind, try out things, discover that they sometime fail, but succeed as well, and therefore help them to feel HAPPY. 

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